Rona Keller

Photographer Stuttgart, Germany

These are my memories, and I would love to capture yours as well. Don't hesitate to contace me if you want to celebrate life, friendship or love in a few photographs. :)

I am twenty-three years of age and currently living in the South of Germany, where I study Visual Communication.
Ever since I first started taking photographs in 2007, photography has
taught me how to express myself with more than words. It allows me to capture a moment when it happens, as well as when it's already over and I failed to document it. Because a photo can say so much about other people even when they're not in them, about a place I've been to even though I didn't take it there, about a feeling that has changed a long time ago, about everything as it was and never might be like.

I want to develop. I want to change. I want to make it on my own.

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